craftXws Salon Series

New Winston Museum “craftXws” Salon Series- Thursday, June 15, 2017

Objects and Memories”

“Objects and Memories”, the third and final program in our “craftXws” Salon Series, featured a panel comprised of local collectors and craftspeople who discussed what significance a specific craft item held for them and the way memories are tied up in physical objects. Makers approached this theme from the perspective of the memories they associated with making a certain piece, or the memory that inspired its creation. This discussion was led by moderator, Jan Detter, artist and Wake Forest University Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise. Panelists included: Anthony Cathcart, fine art collector; Lara Hanes Pierce, lifelong collector thanks to the early exposure of art through her family; NC House, District 71, Representative Evelyn Terry, granddaughter of master brick-maker George Black; Dr. Andrew Gurstelle, Academic Director of Museum of Anthropology, Wake Forest University.

New Winston Museum “craftXws” Salon Series- Thursday, May 18, 2017

“Craft, Technology, Innovation”

“Craft, Technology, Innovation”, the second program in our Salon Series “craftXws”, explored the ways in which craft and craftspeople drive technological innovation and encourages the emergence of new technologies, through tool making, implementing materials in unexpected ways, and expanding the applications of their traditions.

Panelists include: John Kelly, Instructor of Digital Effects and Animation Technologies at Forsyth Technical Community College; Will Willner, Adjunct Professor of Photography at Wake Forest University; Dr. Elaine Gustafson, Curator of Collections at the Weatherspoon Art Museum at UNC Greensboro; and Mary Ann Zotto, artist and Associate Professor of Art Direction at UNCSA. Dr. Betsy Towns, Interim Co-Director at the Center for Design Innovation and Associate Professor of Art History at UNCSA, moderated this discussion.

New Winston Museum “craftXws” Salon Series- Thursday,  April 27, 2017

“Craft Tradition in WS”

“craftXws”, New Winston Museum’s second quarter 2017 Salon Series, was co-curated with Piedmont Craftsmen and the Center for Design Innovation and was presented through a series of panel discussions with artists, craftspeople, collectors, and historians—plus a live demonstration. This series explored the dynamic craft culture of the Winston-Salem area— beginning with the Moravian settlement, continued through the diverse contributions of the 19th/mid-20th century craft revivalism, and glimpsed into the evolving frontier of fine craft in our current tech-steeped arts and innovation landscape.

The first program in this series, “Craft Tradition in WS” discussed the foundations of craft history in the Piedmont. The conversation looked back to the roots of craft in Winston-Salem and as well as how these strong foundations blossomed into the vibrant and deeply rooted craft scene that exists today, with institutions such as the Sawtooth School School for Visual Art, Piedmont Craftsmen, and others. Panelists included Johanna Brown, Curator of Moravian Decorative Arts and Director of Collections at the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Art; Cheryl Harry, Director of African American Programming at Old Salem Museums and Gardens; Tomi Melson, fiber artist, former Asstistant Director of the Sawtooth Center for Visual Art and Piedmont Craftsmen exhibiting member since 1973; and Ron Propst, ceramic artist, Arts District pioneer, and Piedmont Craftsmen exhibiting member since 1968. The conversation was moderated by NWM Board Chair and UNCSA history professor Dr. Michael Wakeford.

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