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 The Project (Remembering WS flyer)

Beginning in February 2015, New Winston Museum began a multi-year project dedicated to collecting and preserving residents’ memories of their communities. The primary mode of community engagement and    collection will occur through facilitated “Memory     Mapping” events that will take place throughout the city.

 What is “Memory Mapping”? 

 “Memory mapping” is a technique in which people are asked to physically write their memories on large-scale street maps in the locations that their memories occurred. It is different from oral history in that it does not seek in-depth histories, rather very specific anecdotal recollections that can be tied to concrete locations. As additional people participate, larger narratives about these places begin to emerge.

Our Process

Beginning with a 1938 map of the city of Winston-Salem, we have divided the historically residential areas of the entire city into 10 segments or regions. Each of the    regions represent 1– 4 distinct neighborhoods, each with their own identities. Maps of each region will be created at large-scale (~6 ft.2). We will begin in February 2015 with Ardmore, and will be organizing programming   opportunities in various locations within each region. We will focus primarily on one segment at a time and we will bring the corresponding segment map to each program. Project volunteers will ask participants of all ages, and regardless of how long they have lived in Winston-Salem, to engage with the maps and add their memories. When complete, we will have 10 large maps filled with recollections and individual histories from throughout the city. The maps and their contents can then be utilized in numerous exciting future projects.

Winston-Salem, 1938
Winston-Salem, 1938