In addition to our other programs, New Winston Museum presents a free monthly Salon Series featuring a broad range of local historians, artists, writers, musicians, crafts-folk and other specialists. Speakers discuss aspects of their work and their process to find interpersonal connections with their work and the broader community. Light refreshments are provided, and guests are welcome to bring brown bag lunches or dinners to the presentations. Unless otherwise noted, NWM programs are free of charge. Donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated.


Upcoming Events

Second Quarter 2017 Salon Series:
“craftXws: Tradition and Innovation in Fine Craft”

Announcing craftXws, New Winston Museum’s second quarter 2017 Salon Series, co-curated with Piedmont Craftsmen and the Center for Design Innovation.

These three programs will be at CDI on April 27, May 18, and June 15. Through a series of panel discussions with artists, craftspeople, collectors, and historians—plus a live demonstration—craftXws will explore the dynamic craft culture of the Winston-Salem area. Learn about the varied and sometimes scattered historical and contemporary dimensions of the area’s craft practice—beginning in the time of Moravian settlement, continuing through the diverse contributions of the 19th/mid-20th century craft revivalism, and a glimpse into the evolving frontier of fine craft in our current tech-steeped arts and innovation landscape. What explains this region’s particularly deep affinity for fine craft, strong institutions dedicated to craft education and promotion, and the enduring practice of making by hand? What draws local collectors to the handmade objects they love, and what can those objects tell us about Winston-Salem’s past, present, and future? craftXws will lead us into a shared consideration of these questions and many more. Center for Design Innovation is located at 450 Design Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC, 27101.

  • April 27, “The Craft Tradition in Winston-Salem”: Panelists Johanna Brown of MESDA, Cheryl Harry of the St. Philips African American Heritage Center at Old Salem, weaver and former Asst. Dir. of the Sawtooth Center for Visual Art, and Piedmont Craftsmen exhibiting member Ron Propst will discuss the foundations of craft history in the Piedmont in a conversation moderated by NWM Board Chair and UNCSA history professor Dr. Michael Wakeford. This program will look back to the roots of craft in this area with the Moravian settlers, as well as early local African American craft traditions, and how these strong foundations blossomed into the vibrant and deeply rooted craft scene that exists today in Winston-Salem, with institutions such as Sawtooth, Piedmont Craftsmen, and others.
  • May 18, “Craft, Technology, and Innovation”: Though often paired with the word tradition, we may forget that craft has always driven technological innovation. Craftspersons design solutions to make better: fashioning their own tools, implementing materials in unexpected ways, and expanding the applications of their traditions. In this second evening of craftXws, we’ll talk with artists, educators, and curators who inhabit the intersection between art & science, tradition & innovation, and explore ways craft encourages the emergence of new technologies and asks durable ones to function in new ways. Panelists include: John Kelly, Instructor of Digital Effects and Animation Technologies at Forsyth Tech; Will Willner, Adjunct Professor of Photography at Wake Forest University; Dr. Elaine Gustafson, Curator of Collections at Weatherspoon Art Gallery at UNC Greensboro; and Mary Ann Zotto, artist and Associate Professor of Art Direction at UNCSA. Moderating the event will be Dr. Betsy Towns, Interim Co-Director at the Center for Design Innovation and Associate Professor of Art History at UNCSA.
    After the panel, the action continues! Enjoy conversation and a bite to eat as you experience
    a demonstration by local potter Annie Van Every, who combines wheel throwing with an unexpected blowtorch technique. 
  • June 15, “Objects and Memories”: A panel comprised of several local collectors and craftspeople will discuss what significance a specific craft item holds for them, and the way memories are tied up in physical objects. Makers will approach this theme from the perspective of the memories they associate with making a specific piece, or the memory that inspired its creation.



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. . . More events to be announced soon.

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