In addition to our other programs, New Winston Museum presents a free monthly Salon Series featuring a broad range of local historians, artists, writers, musicians, crafts-folk and other specialists. Speakers discuss aspects of their work and their process to find interpersonal connections with their work and the broader community. Light refreshments are provided, and guests are welcome to bring brown bag lunches or dinners to the presentations. Unless otherwise noted, NWM programs are free of charge. Donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated.


Upcoming Events

First Quarter 2017 Salon Series
“Nature Through New Eyes:
Rethinking Our Relationship with the Environment”

View of Bethabara, courtesy

“We Are Stewards of the Land: Moravian Writings on Nature Interpreted Today

Thursday, February 23, 2017 – 5:30pm 

“We are Stewards of the Land” is the second in a three part Salon Series offering a look at our local relationship with ecology and how we interact with green space. This program will explore the history of Moravian land stewardship in the Wachovia Tract through the use of creative writing.

Metta Sáma Melvin, Director of the Salem College Center for Women Writers, has selected a group of students to participate in this poetry-slam style program. The students will be provided with historical quotes reflecting Moravian attitudes toward nature, land preservation and usage of natural resources. They will approach these prompts from an ecopoetics perspective to write their own modern interpretations of the Moravian writings and share them with the audience. The historical quotes have been prepared by Martha Hartley, Director of Research and Outreach, Division of Restoration, and Michael O. Hartley, PhD, Director of Archaeology,  Old Salem Museums & Gardens.

In addition to her role as Director of the Center for Women Writers, Metta Sáma is an Assistant Professor & Director of Creative Writing at Salem College. Melvin is the author of le animal and other creatures (Miel Books 2015) and other books. Melvin is a Black Earth Institute fellow and serves on the boards of Cave Canem and VIDA: Women in Literary Arts. 

Cornelia Barr of the Gateway Nature Preserve is guest curator of the Salon Series, “Nature through New Eyes.” In presenting this program, NWM has partnered with Black Earth Institute, a think-tank dedicated to re-forging the links between spirit, earth, and society. 


Displaying A Southern Chain Gang.jpg

“A Southern Chain Gang” from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, call number LC-D4-16155

Exhibit Related Programming:
“Voices From the Chain Gang” 

Saturday, February 4, 2017 – 2:00 pm

“Voices from the Chain Gang” will explore the history of road camps and chain gangs in North Carolina. As a part of the “Good Roads” Movement in the 1920s, the state of North Carolina utilized convict labor to create and expand infrastructure and roads to increase interstate travel and tourism. Using letters from the North Carolina State Archives written from chain gang prisoners in the 1920s, the program will examine some of the personal accounts of the penal system in North Carolina. The program will also discuss the nationwide traveling exhibition “States of Incarceration,” which explores the past, present, and future of mass incarceration and how chain gangs fit into that complicated narrative. 

This program will be presented by three University of North Carolina Greensboro graduate students from the Masters in History and Museum Studies program. Sonya Laney, Leslie Leonard, and Alexis Schofield were recently co-curators on “States of Incarceration,” a nationally traveling exhibition that was last at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro. Sonya and Leslie worked to create exhibit centered programming that included tours led by community partners that have been personally affected by mass incarceration. Alexis created and facilitated a day-long storytelling event to create change in the criminal justice system.

“Voices from the Chain Gang” complements our current exhibit, “Release: From Stigma to Acceptance.” Read more about “Release” here. 



. . . More events to be announced soon.

Past Events

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